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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

It is a place where usually you can do no wrong; it’s all for the good!

…It is here where the limitation of time and space is dissolved; the soul rests and is refreshed, protected from the chaos outside the ‘garden walls’.
Life reassumes its primordial goodness, truth, and beauty.
It is when one’s original nature or 'unconditioned Being' can be encountered in wellness and safety. It is a place where usually you can do no wrong; it’s all for the good! It is where one is bonding with like souls whose influence strengthens all and fulfils their needs.It is where events draw one into a magical and charmed circle. Where one’s natural charisma attracts souls who harmonize with one, as if they are part of one’s family. When such alliances emerge, one feels strengthened and affirmed. One evolves beyond survival issues and is better able to choose the best circumstances and companions.
One finds a comfortable team in which everyone can do their best work, display their talents, express their true feelings and receive positive feedback…

Last week I had a visit from an old colleague and friend who is a physiotherapist. We have known each other and worked together for 16 years. She first contacted me in 1993 to attend one of my training courses.
At that time she told me about her sheer frustration with her everyday physiotherapy practice. She was looking for more inspiration, more structure, more consistency; a more rounded and integrated approach to her future work. She wanted to bring more success into her everyday work. She talked to me about the inconsistency in sharing information amongst all the professionals who were in charge of individuals with neurological conditions.
She told me how lost, alone and abandoned these ‘patients’ felt and how inconsistent were the provisions they received from medical and care services.

Since then she left the NHS and set up her own vision of integrated, community based services in London.

She came to see me with one of her lovely 'clients' who had a stroke to find out what more they could work on together.

We had a fantastic problem solving time together; we had so much laughter and yes we also had some tears... of joy too as we progressed with all the issues we had to address.

Here are some photos I would like to share with you from the session.

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