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Friday, 2 October 2009

This is my last posting on Sourcesense.

I have been very kindly and professionally approached by the CEO of http://www.sourcesense.com in August this year.
This company is a very successful European based IT Firm, which has been running for five years. There is clash between the name of the company and the name of my blog, which I wasn’t aware of before.
Although he reassured me that this is a minor problem, but as this is their trade name and they are running a successful business under this name I felt obliged to withdraw.
As a new father he enjoyed reading my blog and I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and feelings with all my readers.
I wish http://www.sourcesense.com/ and all my readers all the very best in the future.

Isn’t it interesting that tomorrow is my birthday? A new beginning... I have been sorting, clearing and renovating my house and my office.
This is the last thing I had to give away to start fresh.
Goodbye… Judit


  1. Judit,
    How about sourceszense or sourcesenze ?
    I would/we would miss you badly!
    Think about it!

  2. Dear Judit,

    Agi is right. We would miss you!

    Happy Birthday!
    With love,

  3. Judit,

    Happy Birthday

    I am not sure whether this posting means that you are giving up this URL name to the IT Company and continuing elsewhere or that you are giving up completely.

    Hope to find you elsewhere.

    love Susie